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N.C.O.F.® was created for the general purpose of proactively developing, uniting, integrating, targeting, and communicating a positive ecologically and scientifically based health care empowerment nutrition and physical activity education intervention program message to those directly and indirectly affected by the national obesity epidemic. Such interventions when introduced and reinforced with some frequency to the pre-K and K-6 audiences and their gatekeepers (parents/guardians) will induce healthier eating and physical activity habits which in-turn will eliminate or greatly reduce the need or frequency for expensive healthcare medicines and their severe side effects (causational or premature development of type-2 diabetes; pancreatic, colon, breast, and other known cancers; heart-disease; hypertension; stroke; dementia,; schizophrenia; sleep apnea; chronic diseases; kidney stones; arthritis; etc.), high-risk weight reduction surgery, or worse early mortality. Furthermore, the process of reducing the incidence or need for medical interventions through pharmacology or other environmentally unfriendly means will greatly GREEN the environment with the reduction in the manufacture and disposal of medical waste and by-products. More specifically, with intended financial support from various consumer product companies, charitable private foundations, private individuals, government grants, the general public, and other similar or like entities, N.C.O.F.® seeks to target, personally engage, and motivate those directly affected by the obesity epidemic: toddlers, children, teens, and their gatekeepers (parents and educators), through its proactive P.O.W.E.R.® Phase One & Two Healthcare health care education programming interventions for long-term health and well-being.

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N.C.O.F.® has assembled a dedicated Board of Trustees, and an outstanding nationally and internationally recognized Board of Advisors to address, advise, and accomplish the ambitious mission and vision of the Foundation. Through the gracious assistance, input, counsel, and advocacy of many N.C.O.F.® Advisory Board members, the Foundation has developed and outlined herein an innovative two phased six-step ecologically and scientifically based grass-roots healthcare education empowerment intervention program to facilitate healthier lifestyles through early intervention at the pre-K and K-6 levels (read the "Advisory Board Programming comments" on this new and innovative N.C.O.F.® healthcare approach).

Furthermore, N.C.O.F.® intends to develop a child/parent oriented P.O.W.E.R.® Healthcare Newsletter focusing on issues of nutrition, physical activity, and innovative tips on how to maintain life-long healthy attitudes and habits. N.C.O.F.® intends to initiate its two phased Programming and healthcare newsletter upon reaching its incubator and national program funding objectives.

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The National Childhood Obesity Foundation® is a 501 c(3) tax-exempt designated charitable corporation as determined by the Internal Revenue Service and as officially filed and incorporated with the Secretary of State and Attorney General's offices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Founded in June of 2003 and officially incorporated on 2 September 2004, N.C.O.F.® received its 1023 tax-exempt status designation as a "Public Charity" from the IRS for solicitation and donor tax-exempt purposes on 2 February 2006. The Foundation is fully qualified to receive tax deductible corporate and personal donations, bequests, transfers, and gifts as described under sections 2055, 2106 , and 2577 of the Internal Revenue Code.


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