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Team Up World, Inc.; Newport Beach, CA

Lara Blume is CEO of Team Up World, Inc. (TUW) based in Newport Beach, CA. TUW has become a powerhouse for furthering philanthropic causes nationwide, and recently supported work for a major fundraising effort to assist the Haitian people after an earthquake. TUW¹s mission is to raise capital, create awareness and help foundations see their full potential. We are confident that if enough people team up, many lives can be changed through the generosity of others. Earlier, after moving to Los Angeles to further her passion of service, Ms. Blume dedicated three years of volunteering to serve on the board of the Salvation Army South Los Angeles Youth Center. Through her determination and resolve, the organization was able to raise capital for the center, implement programs for at risk youth and introduced the center to well known celebrities and athletes to garner further support for the center¹s causes. Ms. Blume hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, a place very close to her heart and purpose. Very early in her life she became president of Y-Teens, a non-profit group in Jr. High School. She then went on to volunteer under Tracy Steele at the Martin Luther King Commission. She became a role model and mentor during her time at the commission while speaking to young children about the importance of education and not giving up. Ms. Blume went on to study Child Psychology as well as Education at the University of Miami in Miami, FL.


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