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Joesph H. Hotchkiss; Ph.D., M.S.

Dr. Hotchkiss is currently a Professor and Department Chair for the Institute of Food Science at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. He also serves as Science Advisor for the Food & Drug Administration. Earlier, Dr. Hotchkiss was an Associate and Assistant Professor at Cornell University. Even earlier, he was a Public Health Service Fellow for the Food & Drug Administration in Washington, DC. Even earlier still, Dr. Hotchkiss was a Supervisory Research Chemist for the Aldoph Coors Company in Golden, CO. His fields of specialization and interest are in the National and International Food Regulation and Standards; Food Packaging Safety and Technology; Toxicology; Food Safety; and Food and Nutrient Chemistry. Dr Hotchkiss is a member of numerous professional societies including the Institute of Food Technologists; New Products & Technologies Subcommittee, Division of Toxicology and Safety Evaluation (executive committee; and the American Chemical Society Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. His research activities include the development of Active Packaging Concepts for Food Products (Antimicrobial Packaging); Shelf-life Extension and Safety of Perishable Foods Through Packaging in Modified Atmospheres; Formation and Analysis of Food-borne toxins including Nitrite, Nitrate, and N-nitroso compounds; packaging migrants, and microbial toxins; and Food safety and Regulatory Issues. Dr. Hotchkiss has co-authored and written numerous publications including Hotchkiss, J.H., Barbour, J.F., Libbey, L.M., Scanlan, R.A. 1978. Nitramines as thermal energy analyzer positive non-nitroso compounds found in certain herbicides. J. Agric. Food Chem. 26:884; Hotchkiss, J.H., Barbour, J.F., Scanlan, R.A. 1980. Analysis of malted barley for N-nitrosodimethylamine. J. Agric. Food Chem. 28:680-681; Walker, E.A., Griciute, L., Castegnaro, M. and Borzonyi, M. Eds. International Agency for Research on Cancer Scientific Publication No. 31:361-376; Appendini and Hotchkiss, J.H. 2002. Review of antimicrobial food packaging. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 3:113-126; and Steven, M.D. and Hotchkiss, J.H. 2002. Comparison of film to total package water vapor transmission rates for several commercial food wraps. Packaging Technology and Science. 15:17-27. He has co-authored several books including: Hotchkiss, J.H.. editor. "Food and Packaging Interactions", American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, American Chemical Society Symposium Series No. 365, 1988; Risch, S.J. and Hotchkiss, J.H.. editors. "Food and Packaging Interactions II", American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, American Chemical Society Symposium Series No. 473, 1991; and Potter, N.N. and Hotchkiss, J.H. "Food Science, 5th edition" Chapman & Hall, New York, 1995. In addition, Dr. Hotchkiss has co-developed and patented several items including: Baker, R.C., Fugigaki, A.H., Choin-Liang, L., Hotchkiss, J.H. Complete Poultry Products and Processes of Making, U.S. Patent 4,849,232; Conboy, J.J. and Hotchkiss, J.H. Photolytic Interface for HPLC-Chemiluminescence Detection of Non-volatile N-nitroso Compounds. U.S. Patent 5,094,815; and Hotchkiss, J.H. and Loss, C.R. Carbon dioxide as an aid to in pasteurization. Patent filed July 24, 2001 (number 60,220,378). Dr, Hotchkiss holds both Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Food Chemical Toxicology and in Food Chemistry/Organic Chemistry respectively from Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR, and a B.S. degree in Chemistry from University of Northern Colorado.


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